Friday, September 13, 2013

What is bone cancer treatments ?

What is bone cancer treatments ?
Illustration of bone cancer
What is bone cancer treatments ? Primary bone cancer is cancer that begins in the bone (networks). Primary bone cancer is rare. The more common is a cancer that originated in other organs, such as lungs and then metastase to the bone. Nasopharynx cancer is ?

There are 3 main types of main bone cancer, is :
  1. Osteosarcoma : developing in young bone
  2. Chondrosarkoma : the patient's cartilage begins at
  3. Ewing Sarcoma : begins at nerve tissue found in bone marrow.

Bone cancer is usually treated with surgery. In addition to the other options including among of they are :
chemotherapy, amputation and radiotherapy.
  • Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma usually strikes young boys aged between 10-25 years and thought to be the descendants of (genetic) disease. Osteosarcoma tends like to grow usually at the lower end of the femur, or the upper end of humerus or upper end of the tibia. The symptoms most frequently found is a pain. In line with the growth of the tumor, could also be a palpable swelling warm and somewhat flushed. An early sign of this disease may be a fracture is called pathological fracture. This is because tumors caused the fragile bones. Osteosarcoma usually at-diagnosis through imaging at tests, such as
x-ray bone or CT Scan. The type of this bone cancer is usually treated with surgery. When the spread, chemotherapy can do.

  • Chondrosarkoma
Chondrosarkoma usually early cells cartilage (cartilage) patients aged more than 50 years. So, we like to known if this type of cancer usually grows slowly and often can be cured only by surgically removed. But some of them are invasive and easy to spread. In the case of chondrosarkoma, surgery is done to remove the entire tumor. Bone cancer is not usually react well to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. If the tumor is removed entirely, more than 75% of patients survive. Arm amputation/limb usually seldom exercised.
  • Ewing Sarcoma
Ewing Sarcoma appears at puberty, when bones grow very fast. Rarely found in children aged less than 10 years. Ewing Sarcoma most commonly develops in the long bones, pelvis, or chest. This type of Tumor is invasive, easy also spread to organs such as the lungs. The most frequent underlying symptoms are pain, fever and sometimes swelling of the bone. New patients are usually diagnosis when conditions cancer already spread.

This bone cancer treatment is often a combination of: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


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